Traditional Credit Billing Services

SW Energy also provides a traditional billing option in addition to our ESCo service option:

customer service advisorTraditional Credit Billing Services

• Registering customers, issuing welcome packs, sample bills and FAQ
• Readings collected from Client Mbus over internet or supplied in Excel format
• Provide data validation and checking
• We provide monthly or quarterly paper or electronic billing options
• Manage and maintain Leaseholder/ Tenant CRM database includes change of tenancy
• Fully trained Customer Service Advisers
• Engineer Call-outs for meter replacement, Mbus and HIU problems at additional cost Tariff setting
• Provide help setting and reviewing tariff charging structure



Debt Management ProcessCredit Billing Services

• The basic debt management service includes issuing 2 late payment reminders / warnings
• Detailed financial reporting to clients
• Further in house detailed debt management, legal and CCJ services available at extra cost

Client Payments & Reporting

• Direct debit, online payments, phone payments with debit or credit card, standing orders, payment in bank or at post office
• Operate a client payment account, whereby monies received from customers are held and paid across to Client on a monthly basis.
• Clients are issued a monthly report to reconcile payments and debts

Download the full SW Energy traditional credit billing service prospectus here.

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