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In many current situations, all the liabilities and responsibilities for energy management services lie at the feet of the developer. Other energy management companies may offer to take on the management of energy services and responsibility for a few of the energy management services. At SW Energy the energy management company, we offer a unique ESCo energy services company proposal, which removes most of the responsibilities and liabilities for energy management services away from the developer. With SW Energy, community energy schemes, the developer needs only to be responsible for the notification of the tenancy status for each unit. The developer may also wish to take responsibility for the installation of meters as part of a new build or a refurbishment, although SW Energy can offer independent and impartial advice on this matter. All of these energy management services are usually offered at no cost to the developer.

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SW Energy – Energy service company is unique in that it offers a 100% risk transfer for energy management services, billing and recovery. As SW Energy – energy service company we are taking all the financial risks for recovery, therefore it is in our best interests that the system works correctly and offers many benefits for both the residents and the developer. This is why, unlike many energy management companies, SW Energy offer a complete package. In addition to taking meter reading and managing the billing, we also manage meter maintenance and engineer call outs. Residents have access to a dedicated call centre which offers a single telephone number for both meter queries and billing queries making the system simple and transparent. Residents pay on a energy usage basis, and this is kept separate from the service charge. There are many specific benefits for both residents and developers which can be read in full on the relevant pages on our website.

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