SW Energy Hard Water Analysis Case Study

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Hard Water Analysis UK SW Energy, community energy management specialists  have conducted extensive research into hard water content in the London area & the effects this has on heat interface units. If not checked & serviced regularly hard water can affect the efficiency and performance of the heat interface unit by blocking valves & strainers. Hard water with high mineral content (in contrast with “soft water”). Is formed when water percolates through deposits of calcium and magnesium-containing minerals such as limestone, chalk and dolomite. This build up if not kept in check can reduce the HIU’s performance & increase tenants energy bills.

Hard Water Samples

Hard Water Analysis UK

Above shows water samples taken from one of our London schemes. Energy management company, SW Energy, has now added hard water analysis and flushing out procedures to its service offering. For further details on HIU maintenance & Hard water Analysis please browse through our website and follow the link to HIU Boiler Maintenance Services.

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HIU Boiler Maintenance & Hard Water Analysis

Hard Water Analysis

The Picture on the left shows a build-up of particles effecting the strainer filter with-in the HIU. These particles were circulating around the system not just effecting one but many other Heat interface units with-in this development. All the above issues can be prevented if the Heat interface unit is maintained & serviced regularly SW Energy has fully trained experienced Engineers on call.

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