SW Energy Customer Charter

Our Commitment

The purpose of this charter is to clarify and continually improve our standards of service to our domestic customers connected to a district heating system.

Our Customer Obligations

  • In conjunction with the freeholders, providing all leasehold customers with a pack on how to use their heating/chilling system.
  • Provision of a clear customer complaints procedure which deals with customer complaints seriously, dealing with their concerns in a timely and efficient manner, initial response within 7 days and a full response within 30 days
  • Providing opportunities to escalate customer service complaints to SW Energy senior manager level if they feel there concerns are not been dealt with.
  • Providing customers with monthly billing which has a clear pricing policy based on actual consumption readings. In some instances due to external factors this may need to be estimated.
  • Providing a customer with typical Questions and Answers sheet which provides a detailed response to the most frequently asked questions.
  • Provide as many payment options as possible i.e. direct debit, Bacs, payments by card over the phone and cash payments at Barclays bank.
  • Provide a clear policy on prepayment and debt management for customers facing difficulties in paying for their energy.
  • Providing a clear disconnection policy which communicates with our customers well in advance of potential disconnection proceedings.
  • Communication with our customers in plain English in a courteous and polite manner.
  • Protect any personal information you give to us and use customer feedback to improve our service levels.

Our Supplies

Working with the freeholder management team we will endeavour to keep your heating/chilling system running all year round so it is on demand when needed. We must insist that you report any problems with your service as soon as it appears so we can deal with it immediately and effectively.

Billing Services

  • Customers will receive a bill with the following information:
  • The suppliers address and contact details.
  • Customers reference number/account number.
  • Standing charges/price per unit.
  • Period of time covered by the bill/units used.
  • Meter serial number/reference number.

Customer Commitment

  • We will encourage all our customers to act responsibly by:
  • Keeping all prearranged appointments where access is required to their premises/property.
  • Causing no wilful damage to any part of the heating system.
  • Paying on time for all heating/chilled energy used.
  • Reporting meter/system faults as soon as they appear.
  • Let us know if your personal circumstances change which may affect the way the bill is paid.
  • Treat all our staff as you would expect to be treated yourself.


This customer charter has been prepared in good faith. Neither SW Energy nor any of its partners accept liability for parties using this charter.

This charter does not supersede any contractual documents/ terms and conditions or other service standard requirements imposed by regulatory authorities and there is no obligation on any organisation to follow the guidance herein

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact SW Energy

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