Community Energy Projects For Developers

SW Energy works closely with clients to resolve technical meter and billing issues and remove financial liability away from the developer.

community energy projects

Other benefits for developers include:

• Financial Risks for energy billings and recovery 100% outsourced

• Energy costs recovered outside the service charge and S20 LVT

• Reduced management time and administration of community energy projects

• Reduced Labour hours in physically reading 300-700 units per scheme per month

• No longer responsible for meter data accuracy and records

• No longer responsible for meter maintenance/Engineer Call outs

• Possibility of reduced CO2

• Director level personal contact in dealing with community energy projects management issues

• No/low capital outlay

• Impartial technical advice

• Low cost electricity when applying CHP

For Developer enquiries please contact

Tel:- 0203 627 9570

Email:                                  Business Development Adviser

Benefits to the Developer of getting SW Energy involved early

  • If we get involved early on a development we can purchase gas at more competitive prices and offer lower gas deposit requirements. (Gas purchase rate has the biggest influence on the heat rate).
  • SW Energy can provide assistance if you wish to purchase the gas direct by advising on correct annual quantity, (AQ) you should be buying given phasing and risk gas contract “take or pay” provisions.
  • SW Energy can help ensure the metering strategy is correct.
  • SW Energy can provide competitive prices for wireless prepayment, (offering latest remote payment options) and conventional credit billing meter/Mbus systems.
  • SW Energy can help with the witnessing and commissioning of the heat meters and Mbus network to ensure this is set up correctly.
  • SW Energy can test the thermal efficiency of the development by comparing gas bill kWh usage in a month against total heat meter recorded usage to give us a percentage.
  • Provide advice setting tariffs and reviewing tariffs with you on a six monthly basis.
  • SW Energy can enter into prepayment service contracts with the affordable housing provider and register the affordable tenants for pre-payment heat supplies.
  • SW Energy can provide a traditional billing or part ESCO billing service.
  • SW Energy can assist with the set-up of the main boiler plant and equipment, including CHP to ensure this is set up efficiently. We can also help with registering for CHP feeding tariffs and RHI.
  • SW Energy can provide Engineering support to deal with meter calibration checks, engineer call –outs for meter/reading faults and meter/Mbus replacement and repairs.
  • SW Energy can provide and install pre payment meter system and manage the billing/payments system
  • SW Energy provide HIU annual service and repair packages and undertake communal heating water quality checks
  • SW Energy can check and validate gas bills

One of the key reasons for using SW Energy, is you get senior professional level involvement at director levels that will help the developer avoid meter strategy, billing and technical problems associated with district or communal heating systems.

Dealing with these avoidable problems can help free up valuable management time and resource.

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