HIU Filtration Case Study

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SW Energy, the energy management company of choice, take a keen interest in the effects that foreign bodies have on the performance of Heat Interface Units (HIU’s). Please take a moment to read the article below, a case study of Heat Interface Unit filtration.


HIU FiltrationFurther to being awarded the annual maintenance contract for servicing Heat Interface Units at a large apartment block within the Greater London area, SW Energy engineers began to carry out our full service and discovered totally blocked strainers within several HIU’s. The sludge, pictured here, was the worst case of strainer blockage we have ever seen and within a relatively new scheme. The strainers had to be replaced, as due the poor condition, they could not just be cleaned.

This condition results in poor flow and increased energy consumption, as water is having to be forced through the Heat Interface Unit strainers, therefore increasing energy consumption and energy costs and consequently tenants bills. Blocked strainers result in some or all of the following:

  • HIU’s malfunctioning
  • Preventing hot water and/or heating within apartments
  • Reduced pressure
  • Poor water quality
  • Debris circulating within the communal system

Heat Interface Units need to be maintained on an annual basis to benefit the apartment owner/occupier and the whole of the scheme will then benefit from the district heating systems when all HIU’s are serviced within the block.

SW Energy HIU Boiler Maintenance

SW Energy has its own team of experienced, fully trained HIU Boiler Maintenance engineers and a proven track record in effective maintenance management of Heat Interface Units and communal heating systems.

Listed below are some of the basic maintenance checks carried out on each HIU:

  • Checking and cleaning or replacing strainers
  • Check pump operation
  • Repair/report leakages
  • Ensure correct operation of valves and unit settings

If any of our maintenance or energy management services are of interest, contact Alan Unwin (Business Development Manager) at SW Energy 0203 6279570.

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