Credit and Pre-Payment Meter Systems

Heat / Hot water credit and pre-payment meter systems

SW Energy, your trusted Energy Management Company designs, supplies and installs heat/hot water credit and pre-payment meter networks for communal heating systems.

SW Energy Credit based Heat meter system:

Credit and Pre-Payment Meter SystemsA credit based system records heat being used by the apartment and transfers the data via the heat meter through an Mbus network to a data logger and on site PC. Residents are normally then billed on a monthly basis in arrears, with payments being received via internet banking, phone and other payment methods.

SW Energy’s Pre-payment systems offer the latest gprs wireless smart meter and home display systems. It protects landlords from bad debt via its remote disconnection facility and provides tenants with convenient online or phone payments methods similar to credit billing. Managing energy consumption is key in being able to see what is being used. Thanks to its enhanced level of data transparency the SW Energy pre-payment system allows customers easy access to detailed information about their consumption.

Benefits of SW Energy pre-payment system

• Low operating costs

• Easy, Automatic debt recovery

• Remote disconnection facility

• Flexible tariffs

• Fair system for tenants based on actual usage

• Remote and instantaneous top-ups

• Ability to pay online, over the phone, via SMS or paypoint or pay zone outlet

• Emergency & friendly credit

• Enables pre-payment or credit billing

• Instantaneous consumption readings

• Audible low credit alarms

• Proven smart meter technology and home display

• GSM/GPRS external comms

• Standalone system, requiring no reliability on a wired networks

• Call Centre and engineering support and callouts

Download the full SW Energy credit and pre-payment meter systems prospectus here.

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