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Introduction To SW Energy

In recent years, government initiatives such as the Building Legislation, code for sustainable homes, BREEAM assessments have required developers to install district heating systems and CHP’s in their developments.

With the introduction of District heating systems, Developer’s /Managing Agents have the added liability for purchasing the gas and managing billing/debt recovery of the heat/hot water consumed by their residential and commercial occupiers.

SW Energy manages the community energy, billing & metering services for multiple high-end residential and mixed usage schemes in London, Manchester & Liverpool. As a leading energy management company SW Energy is always interested in managing the communal heating system and billing services for any new developments.

Please contact either Chris or Wes on 0203 627 9570 who will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Our service portfolio includes:-

Part ESCO Billing Service

SW Energy offer a Part- ESCO option. Under this option, SW Energy take liability for procuring and paying for gas bills, recovery losses, providing engineer call outs for dealing with meter calibration/reading problems & Mbus maintenance. 

In order to offer the part -ESCo we normally need:

  • 3 or 5 year agreement which normally requires tenant consultation to comply with S20 LVT
  • Plant rooms to be fully commissioned with thermal efficiency of minimum 50%
  • SW Energy to be the gas supplier
  • Communal heating/ Hot water supplies that have the ability to be disconnected outside of the apartments
  • Mbus and meters to be fully commissioned and fully operational

Read more about SW Energy Part Esco Credit Billing Service.

Traditional Credit Billing Services

The basic billing only service offered by SW Energy comprises of a monthly or quarterly bill production service on behalf of a client. With this option the risk for under recovery sits with the developer/management company. SW Energy also offers assistance with tariff setting based on scheme thermal efficiencies and debt management to help minimise under recovery losses. Please note on a billing only option, there is no mark up on the heat rate, funds collected are returned to the client to pay the gas bill. Contracts are normally 12 months minus 1 day to comply with S20 LVT requirements. Read more about SW Energy Billing Services

Pre-Payment Meters

Pre-Payment meters provide tenants with several payment options, with payments accepted on-line, by telephone or at payment outlets. Tenants pay for actual usage, which is visible on an inside the home display. The system is fully supported by SW Energy’s engineering support and call centre advisers. Read more about SW Energy Pre Payment Meter Systems.

Gas Procurement Services

SW Energy offer gas procurement at very competitive rates with up to 50% reduction in deposit rates. Read more about SW Energy Gas Supply Services.

HIU / Boiler Maintenance

SW Energy are able to offer annual servicing for your HIU along with a repair and call-out service.
For customers with multiple properties we can also provide an engineer on a day rate basis for cost effective servicing and maintenance of multiple units. See our HIU Servicing page for more details.

Energy Consultancy Services

Our services include –

  • Review of Communal heating costs and Communal heating charges
  • Energy billing validation, including energy tariff analysis
  • Assistance with Communal heating design
  • Investigation and report writing of Communal heating problems
  • Contractual disputes & resolution advice
  • Energy purchasing advice
  • AMR Heat & Electric meter calibration checking. Installation of temporary ultrasonic meters are used to check the existing meter consumption calibration. Read more about our Meter Calibration services.

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